Yay Brandy!!

Friday, February 6, 2009
Brandy was my first (comment on the blog, that is) & for some reason, it made me quite happy that someone was reading my little blog. Not just reading but sharing. Somehow I feel like if people read it then perhaps a little of the crazy leaves with them! I'm kidding of course, I'm sure we all have our own brand of crazy.

Back to Brandy - her idea was a good one. Happened to be the same thing my new book mentioned. Yes ok, I succumbed to the book store but did not come away with a $45 planner with pretty colored folders & sheet protectors. No, no - I came out of there with a handy little book called the "I have a Life" Brides Guide (subtitle: Plan the wedding you've always wanted without losing your mind). PERFECT!! That's what I want! And one of the first things in there is exactly what Brandy said - go to Staples, get a big ass binder, tabs, sheet protectors etc & create your own bridal planner. I haven't done it yet, but I will.

You know what else it said? Don't register for more then one of the big wedding sites. That is advice I could have used earlier. After a minor breakdown last Sunday, I have figured out that I am a mess because I am allowing myself to get caught up & then I don't know what to do, so I just don't do anything. Never going to get anything done that way. So, I am changing my internal dialog & dammit, this is going to be fun! Well, at least I have figured out how to stop making it a nightmare.


Ashley Sue said...

Well, Lisa, I just have to thank you for your comment on my post over at Vintage Glam. It's always so encouraging to hear someone validate my attempt to be more intentional with my plans for the day, which in this case means spending a significant amount less than is the norm.

It sounds like you have gotten so thoroughly bogged down. I hate to hear that! My suggestion? Cool it for a bit. I think the best thing you could do for a week or two is relax about details, and start creating a vision of the bigger picture. Once you have your venue chosen, you'll see that the mental flow of things comes so naturally because you can so easily imagine it, if you just let yourself!

Lastly, as far as the all-out planner goes, I've yet to do that. At all. Why? Almost every single thing I have a record of is on my computer. Most of my purchases were made online. I have a guest list and budget record on the knot's website, and so on.

The point? Think about what works for you, and what your dream for this really is. You know you want to honor the greatness of pin-up style, so work off that!

There is no reason you can't do exactly what you'd like and maintain sanity about it all. And you're right: $10,000 for one day is a waste. Let's get creative and figure out a way to nip that tradition in the bud.

-Ashley Sue

CheapAndEasy said...

Thanks Ashley Sue! Ive started following your blog so I look forward to your progress (& hopefully mine too).

Brandy said...

Oh my gosh I got a whole blog post!! Whoa!
Thanks so much!
I just took a tour of a place that charges 3500 just for the space...ok so it comes with chairs and tables and such but really come on! I'm starting a post about it right now!
I'm like the binder organiser queen. I have one for wedding stuff, one for house stuff, one for recipes etc. It saves me the embarassment of having someone see that I have a Martha Stewart Weddings from 2001!!
Down with 10grand weddings!

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