The Hollywood Chapel

Sunday, February 22, 2009
In my search for a reasonable wedding/reception venue, I kept coming across The Hollywood Wedding Chapel. The subtitle of the site being "Where the hip get hitched". Well hell, I thought, we're hip, we should check it out. As I looked at the website, I knew it wasn't exactly what we were thinking but lately I've been more in a money saving mode so I'm exploring beyond my original vision.

The pictures of the little chapel looked cute & they could do a small (70 people) reception on site with cocktails & appetizers only. I always liked the idea of a cocktail party reception anyway so I talked J into going over to look at it since we were going to be in the area looking at the other venue I mentioned in an earlier post.

First of all, it's not in Hollywood, it's in West Hollywood. As we are driving up, it literally looks like a retail business from the outside. Now, I knew going into this that they catered to gay & straight couples so it was by no means a traditional chapel but I still expected a little more. I was still willing to give it a chance (even though J was shaking his head) but then I noticed it was directly across the street from The Pleasure Chest - an adult super store where you enter into some kind of alternate sexual universe where it is common to see or talk about anything & everything sex related - and I do mean EVERYTHING. Now, I don't have any problem with the Pleasure Chest. I've been there a number of times & it definitely serves it's purpose however, I just don't think that's the feel I want for the wedding. It's also about half a block from the Pussycat Theater - home of the porn star walk of fame. Again, just not quite what we had in mind.

This one is off the list without even seeing the interior.


Rachel said...

Oh come on, think of the photo ops such an environment would create!

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