Wedding Planning 101

Saturday, February 28, 2009
I went to a little seminar (more like a get together) that a local wedding planner holds fairly regularly. Ten bucks & lots of ideas but what I really came away with was this - I suck at this planning thing, I'm not a "normal" bride" & I better get my ass moving on this thing!

April Whitney is the name of the planner & she went around & asked us all about our wedding & how far we were in the process. Here's a little of how it went~

AW: Have you set a date?
Me: First or second weekend in August. Probably a Sunday or Friday since it's cheaper.
AW: Booked a venue?
Me: No, we're considering a place up in West Hollywood but it's not exactly what I had in mind however we really like it.
AW: Booked a church?
Me: Not sure if we'll do a church ceremony. We'd prefer to do ceremony & reception in the same place.
AW: How many people?
Me: 75-125
AW: Sit down dinner or buffet?
Me: Whatever
AW: What kind of food do you want?
Me: Good food that appeals to many tastes
AW: What are your colors?
Me: Black & White with an accent color - probably deep burgundy or purple. May change based on the venue.
AW: How many bridesmaids?
Me: 2 or 3
AW: Have you picked the bridesmaid dresses?
Me: They can pick their own. They are all very different. I will just guide them in length & material choice. I don't want one shiny & the other matte.
AW: What about favors?
Me: I don't really think they are necessary. Maybe a big, fun candy bar.
AW: Band or DJ
Me: I'm thinking iPod

So as this conversation continued, I realized I don't really have concrete answers to most of her questions. Meanwhile, the bride next to me (who is getting married only 2 months before I am) pulls out her big ass formal wedding planner with handles - church & reception booked, food chosen, dress & bridesmaid dresses purchased, DJ AND 10 piece band already booked, flower girls & ring bearers being fitted....Well, you see where I'm going. I don't even know why she was there. As I listened to her talking about her wedding, I thought "Ugh! I hate it". I mean, I would hate it for me. So traditional, so thought out, so planned, so BORING - not to mention ridiculously expensive.

I guess the main thing I came away with is I just want a big, fun party with my friends - no bouquet or garter toss, no clinking glasses for us to kiss, minimal toasts, no formal dances with every parent. I just want it to be kinda retro glamorous cool as well as relaxed & fun. I want a dress I can dance in with out sweating like a pig. I want to wear black shoes. I want a simple bouquet. I don't give a crap about fancy dishes or linens or chairs or chair covers. I just want it to rock - in a retro glam kinda way!


un-bride said...

Sounds like you were quoting my answers ... stick to your guns.

Oh, and I don't have an inspiration board, either.

BeerBudgetBride said...

Oh my - THANK YOU! I'm exactly the same. So happy I'm not the only one.

(And seriously? A DJ AND a band? Wha?)

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