Registry Stuff...

Saturday, March 28, 2009
So I decided to register at & so far it's easy enough to use & I'm happy with it. Here's what's not easy - deciding what to add to the registry! I absolutely did not expect this. I love presents, how can it be hard?

As I have previously mentioned, we're broke, so I've spent the last year or so imagining all the things I may be able to upgrade with wedding gifts. Yeah, I know, I know, it's not about the gifts & no one is expected to buy for us but let's face it - the gifts will come so you may as well tell the people what you want. I have thought about a set of pans that match & can go from cooktop to oven, a set of dishes that I don't hate with a passion, fabulous heavy silverware (again, that matches), high thread count sheets, big soft towels, an electric kettle, a stand mixer. Ya know, stuff you want but could live without & stuff you wouldn't buy for yourself (when you're broke).

It all seemed so easy. Put together a big ol' wish list & get stuff you want. Not so much. I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out what KIND of dishes & silverware I want. Plus, I'm a researcher. I start looking at stuff, find something I like but then need to look up the reviews & see what other people are saying about said product. Do you have any idea how much time this takes up? For fuck's sake, at this rate, I'll be lucky if I get this thing done before the wedding!

I'm begining to think the old fashioned way is better. Go to the store, see what you like, put it on your list. No way to research it, no one else's opinon, just do it. Ah, who am I kidding? I'd just research it before I went to the store.

The other problem I'm having is staying focused. I start looking at pans & before I know it I'm looking at a home steamer. Wait, wasn't I looking at pans? What happened to the pans? How'd this steamer become something I need? (BTW - the answer to that is I hate to iron. HATE it. So the steamer makes sense.) I'm really going to have to figure out how to focus. Aside from medication, the only thing I can think of is making a list.

Swell, another list & one more thing to do. When did figuring out what you want people to buy for you become so hard? Oh & I read that most brides don't register for enough. I seriously, never thought this would be a problem.

I Have a Semi-Dilemma

I mean, it's not really a dilemma as much as just something different that what I thought. See, I asked my mom some number of years ago if they had a wedding account for me & my mom told me it wasn't much, about $10,000. So when the time actually came for my wedding, I brought it up again. Knowing that they have 2 kids in college, I wasn't sure if they'd still be willing to pay for the wedding. She said yes, but certainly no more than the $10,000 she had told me about. Ok, I thought, no problem, I can work with that. I should mention that we're broke. Not what a lot of people consider broke, but REALLY, REALLY broke. And we have bad credit. Good times.

Anywhoo, I'm talking to my mom about the wedding a few weeks ago & she mentions something along the lines of not spending it all on the wedding & saving some. I say well, it's not really our money. I mean, it's their money so if we don't spend it all, it's not like we get to keep it. At this point she says well, maybe you should think about it because it doesn't matter to me. $10,000 is $10,000 either way. Now I take this to mean that regardless of what we do with it, it's our money, right?

Apparently not. I called her today to talk about how she wanted to handle the money. I assumed she wouldn't want me to call he about every little thing I wanted to spend money on. After all, in my head, I had the money to do with as I pleased which meant I was planning to buy some make up & jewelry, get my hair done for the wedding, as well as take a pilates class & buy an excersise video. Ya know, the stuff you do to look more fabulous than normal, not to mention the boy still needs a ring. So I allude to this in the conversation & she starts asking me why I need make up & don't I already have jewelry & was she supposed to pay for all that personal stuff. Hhmmm, this isn't going like I thought it would. I explain to her what I was thinking & clearly, this is not what she was thinking. Said she needed to talk to my step dad about it. I reminded her about that "$10,000 is $10,000" conversation & she says yeah well, that's when she thought I couldn't do it for under 10K. She also said it was before my dad sent me $2000 (which we were planning to use for the honeymoon).

Now, let me be clear here. I am VERY grateful that my parents are even willing to pay for the wedding so I don't want to come off like some petulant bitchy bridezilla. Before the 10K is 10K conversation, in no way did I expect my mom to just hand me the money to do with what I wanted. However, after that conversation, I kinda did (within reason, of course) so that's the way I had been planning. Now it appears as if that will change. Whatever, I can do it, it'll just be hard - real hard (which goes against my whole cheap & easy thing). After all, I'm currently unemployed & don't have any way to put aside my own money right now and the boys work has been slow as well. So I'm not sure how this will work but surely, I'll figure something out, right?

Right & don't call me Shirley.

Fantastic is the Only Word

Friday, March 27, 2009
Seriously Fantastic!

Fun Save-the-Date Idea

Monday, March 23, 2009
Found this site that has a ton of different postcards, any of which could be made in to Save the Date postcards. Just add your custom wording to the back. There are a ton of styles to choose from. I just added a few here.

We got engaged in Paris so this little beauty caught my attention. Love the Red Light District in the background & the couple is adorable.

And for the little less bold, I found these cuties as well.

Free Handwriting Fonts

Just found these handwriting and scrapbooking fonts - all for free. You can even have your own handwriting made into a font (also free). Yay!


Friday, March 20, 2009
wishpot or myregistry? Can anyone offer advice on this?





Thursday, March 19, 2009
If anyone knows a good photographer in the LA/Orange County area that is willing to work with a small budget, please let me know. We have a friend that is awesome with the camera but I'd like a professional to capture the ceremony & formal portraits. We've had some luck with Craigslist & are in the process of setting up a few meetings but I thought I'd put the word out in the blogosphere & see what I get.

On the same note - what does everyone think about a videographer? I tend to think I will never look at a video of our wedding but maybe once. Maybe I'll just have a friend do the video. I just really don't think that is money well spent but if you guys have other input, let's here it!

Loving these Invitations

Monday, March 16, 2009
I've been pretty much doing nothing these last few days due to the lovely cold/upper respiratory/fever thing I had going on. Today I feel a little closer to human so I did some perusing for wedding invitation ideas & inspiration. I was thinking I would print & assemble them myself but now I'm not so sure. It only makes sense to do that if I can save a considerable amount of money while getting exactly what I want (of course, I'm not sure of exactly what I want, but that'll work itself out). Let's face it, I'm all about the easy so if I can find something I love at a reasonable price, I'm all over it.

I ended up back at Etsy to check out some of their offerings & found these retro fabulous beauties from user handykane. Are they not simply fantastic? I love, love, love the idea of a "ticket" for the reception card! They offer other great themes as well but one thing they all have in common - they are distinctly different from your standard invitation. And the pricing is pretty reasonable. These don't have the exact feel I'm looking for but when the time comes, I think I will contact them about a custom design & see if it's workable.

I suck...

Thursday, March 12, 2009
I know, you don't have to tell me. I haven't been posting at all. As a matter of fact, I haven't been doing much of anything. I feel like crap. I'm fighting this upper respiratory infection & while I still read the blogs I subscribe to & try to do wedding stuff, I just don't feel like I have much to say on the whole thing.

I'm waiting on another proposal for a local venue. I about freaked out when I figured out the date we chose is only 5 months away & I don't have anything booked. But then I talked myself down because the places I'm looking at are still available on my date so I'm ok. For now.

Hopefully, I'll feel better & get back to blogging this weekend. I'm quite sure there is a lot to talk about - I just don't care at the moment.

Style Inspiration

Friday, March 6, 2009
I love Dita Von Teese. I think she is absolutely gorgeous & her sense of style is impeccable retro fabulous. Serious girl crush right here.

So I'm not surprised that when I'm searching the net for inspiration pics for the wedding, I find myself saving pics of her. How fabulous is this dress? I love the bodice & accentuated waist. And the shoes? Dreamy.....

And this one? LOVE it! The picture, the style, the clothes - it totally conveys the kind of feel I want for the wedding.

I'm not exactly sure how to get that but I figure if I collect enough pics, maybe someone crafty, with some design talent can help me figure it out. Luckily, a friend of mine has a cousin that wants to eventually open her own event planning business & she is willing to help us out in exchange for using our pics & testimonials. I am all over that. I plan to meet with her in a week or so & I think she'll be able to give us the direction we lack right now.

I Heart these Vintage Watches

Sunday, March 1, 2009
I wasn't even looking for a watch but how fantastic are these?