I May Have Found Our Venue!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
So, I've been furiously researching & emailing this week in the hopes of nailing down a few realistic venue options that we could then visit & hopefully get closer to a decision. Many of the responses congratulate me & give me some basic site info & then attach this huge menu. The food is listed by piece or per person with minimums required and many extras available ( all for an extra cost, of course). I don't know about the rest of you but I just think it's a huge pain in the ass. I just want someone to tell me the price including food, drinks, servers etc.

Today I got exactly that. No haggling over this appetizer is less than that one & if you choose chicken, it's less than steak. Nope, just one price that includes appetizers, dinner, desserts, coffee bar, open bar for an hour, ceremony & venue rental. Thank you Jesus! Not only that but the price was ridiculously reasonable - especially considering some of the other stuff we've looked at. I love L.A. but it can be stupid expensive.

Next step - we're going to look at it on Thursday & meet with the coordinator. I hope it is as fantastic as I think it is. I'll keep you all posted....


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