I Think I Need to Branch Out

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Ok so we all know I started this blog to get & give tips on planning a budget friendly wedding and maybe some day it will get back to that but obviously that's not the case right now. As much as I love my bridal lovelies & keeping up with everyone's plans, it's just time. Time to read some blogs that aren't about weddings. Not that my broken engagement has in any way made me bitter about wedding planning, I think it's just time to branch out. Ok you got me. That's not really true. I might be bitter but I swear, I still want to keep up with all of your wedding plans. I MAY not care as much about the details as I used to but really, I do care about the end result.

That being said, I need some blog recommendations. I need distractions, I need funny, nothing too depressing, nothing too deep. Think fun, humourous, informative, helpful or sarcastic. That's what I'm looking for. Nothing about weddings, nothing about happily ever after (though I wish that for all of you), nothing about finding your soul mate. Oh & for God's sake - no politics! I think you get it, right?

In case you haven't been paying attention - here are the things I love in no particular order:
Hockey (ridiculous hockey fan here)
Pin-up Art
Dita Von Teese
WWE ( I know, I can't help it)
80's rock
(Seriously? Look at that list. Am I a guy & I don't know it?! I'm sure I don't have a penis. Well, maybe if I got some Extenze.....)
Sarcastic and/or dry humor
Observations on the randomness that is our world

Brides, I know it's hard to think of anything but wedding stuff but I'm sure you're all well rounded people & have some non-wedding related blogs that you frequent. I mean, who hasn't checked out Fuck You Penguin every once in awhile, right? No? You haven't? Give it a shot the next time you need a break from the wedding planning. It's completely pointless & a nice little distraction.

Help a girl out & recommend some of your favortie blogs!


otin said...

I have to go to work in a few minutes, but go to my site and scroll down on the right side until you see my chatting buddies, click on Eileen,(Hit 40) or any of those other blogs, they are all good people! Eileen will get you some traffic!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

hey i see you made your way to my blog. You're not going to get happily ever after there. Don't worry I'm only going to whine about my life being completely turned upside down for a few more days.

Darcy said...

ok i did just get married myself, but there's a chance my blog my not make you puke ;-)
However, it IS about change and a fun journey. I'm looking for fun blogs to read too (let me know if you find some too) and I like yours! Even more so cause it isn't about wedding planning anymore!

Ruthie said...

http://buffyfest.blogspot.com/ if you're a Joss Whedon, or Buffy fan.
My friend, he writes about random things. Usually good reads.
Posts some wedding related stuff, but mostly just hostessing/domestic type stuff.

I blog a bout non-wedding stuff on livejournal. It's all locked if you don't have an account, but there is always a ton of bloggy type stuff to read over there. I am at http://blaze2242.livejournal.com
I have a blogspot blog that is about teaching and education, but I haven't updated it since school got out.

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