Things That Are Bugging Me Today

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Different things bug me all the time & they have been known to change from day to day but today these are the things that are getting on my last nerve.

"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon. I seriously hate this song. I can't find anything redeeming about it. The lyrics are stupid but I could get past that. After all, I have my share of Kiss & 'N Sync (yeah, I know, I'm quite the contradiction) on my iPod. However, musically, it's not only really bad but even worse, it's boring. Boring + musically inferior + bad lyrics = a simply detestable song. Which begs the obvious question - why is it popular? Who is listening to it? And what am I missing here? BTW - no offense to any of you that may love this song. I just don't get it & I don't think I want to.

Kate Gosselin & her ridiculous haircut. Actually, I'm pretty sick of the Gosselin's altogether but I don't care about their show, their divorce, his cheating, or their kids because I can't freakin' get past her hair! What decade is she living in? And if you have a television show, shouldn't there be someone in your life to tell you that maybe a Flock of Seagulls meets Rod Stewart hair cut isn't the way to go?! Like maybe the guy that cuts & colors that mess for instance? I mean really, what the hell is going on here?

Traffic - or more specifically, traffic for no reason other than stupidity & obstinance. Like the inability to merge. How freakin' hard is it to signal & merge?! Apparently harder than I think based on the fact that I see people ride the shoulder all the way up the freeway because they just can't seem to decide when it's safe. If someone has slowed & is waving you over, IT'S SAFE for Christ's sake!! And on the flip side, does it really make you less of a person if you happen to let someone merge in front of you? Is it a contest to see who can be that one extra car length closer to home? I guess if you are closer that means you win - even if you're stopped. The mergies (trying to merge) & the merge nots are really screwing up the traffic for the rest of us! Here's a diagram from New York Magazine that shows the different merging techniques. It amuses me.

So this week's version of hell would have me donning Kate Gosselin's dreadful haircut, sitting in traffic, trying to let someone merge & listening to "Sex on Fire".


un-bride said...

I have nothing useful to offer that will offset the heinousness that is traffic in this city, but: 1) that haircut is atrocious (actually, it's worse - but I'm waiting for the OED to add a word that sums it up accurately), and 2) listen to the rest of the CD. Specifically, "Closer" and "Crawl". All will be forgiven.

otin said...

I could make my entire blog just a list of things I hate about driving, they are so numerous!

BeerBudgetBride said...

In the same vein of Otin - I could make my entire blog a list of things I hate about Kate Gosselin, but I digress...

I saw KOL live once - I'll never go again but a friend of mine did turn to me during this song & said "I think someone should make a genital herpes commercial & use this song" - Hah!

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