Hey California - Get it Freakin' Togehter!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What the hell is wrong with you California? Don't get me wrong - I love you, I love where I live & the fact that I can get to the mountains, beach or desert within 2 hours. However, when it comes to money, my dear California, you suck. Yes, I'm sorry to have to tell you but it's true. You are effed up. I am sick of hearing about your budget crisis because you see, it really seems very simple to me. Remember all those ballot issues over the years that people voted in because they didn't do any more research than what they saw in paid TV commercials? How 'bout you just put some of those projects on hold & use the money for, oh I don't know - education or paying state employees!? I mean, I'm all for a high speed train from LA to San Francisco (though, personally, I'd rather have one going to Vegas) but still, I think educating children is more important. Maybe that's just me. All those street improvement projects? Love them but I think most of us would be willing to put them off if it meant we wouldn't get an IOU instead of a tax return. Oh wait - how bout this? All that money the government wastes on various things like thousands of phone lines & numbers that aren't in use (to name but one) let's take that & pay the people that keep government agencies running as opposed to forcing them to take a pay cut. Let's audit the state government & I'm sure we could find enough money in waste to balance the whole budget!

Ok, maybe not the whole budget but it certainly would help the "crisis". And I know it's not that simple but it sure seems like it should be.

Come on California, work with us here! Or at the very least, work with each other.....


un-bride said...

Woot, darlin'. Freakin' woot.

otin said...

It is amazing how the state that seemingly has everything, is broke!

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