The Economy, The Wedding & The Drama

Sunday, April 19, 2009
we all know the economy sucks & while I hate being unemployed, I am grateful that we are getting married in this environment. See, we only have a certain amount of money to spend. The amount would be the same no matter when we got married so I think it's pretty lucky that right now I can get me some deals I probably wouldn't get otherwise. Particularly in the photography arena. I've found a couple good deals now it's just a matter of seeing more of their work.

On the down side, I got a call the other day that the property we are renting has been foreclosed upon & we have to move. The moving part is a pain in the ass but honestly, I don't love where we live so I don't really mind. However since the jackass owner has gone along the last year taking our money every month & not paying his mortgage, the chances of me getting my security deposit back are slim to none. The bank is offering me cash to move without a fuss (apparently a lot of people trash the places) & I'm negotiating with them on the amount. Hopefully it'll be enough to cover another deposit, first months rent & the movers.

So now I have to pack & move in a month, take my landlord to small claims court to get my money back & plan a wedding for August 9th. And to make it easier the boy will be out of town for about 10 of the 30 days we have.

I'm screwed.

Nah - I can do this. I'm not working so I can get off my ass during the day & get some shit done (both for the wedding & the move). I just need to keep a positive attitude & not get sucked in to the depression that threatens to take over periodically.

Apparently, the universe didn't get my message about not having any drama in my life...


Brandy said...

I think the Universe isn't answering it's call waiting! I'm glad I'm not the only one who found wedding dress shops sweltering hot!! Seriously I felt so bad being pushed and tucked into a crazy expensive dress and all I could think was "oh man my back is so sweaty."

un-bride said...

Hang in there, doll!

Liz Coopersmith said...

I wanted to email you directly, but there's no great way to do that. I'm doing a workshop on 5/9 about how to save money while planning your wedding, press release on my blog. Email me at if you have questions/want to delete this comment because it's blatant advertising!

Lysandra said...

Oh I'm sorry! Your blog always gives me a chuckle and some good perspective on wedding planning - keep it up despite this pain in the ass development!

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