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Saturday, March 28, 2009
So I decided to register at & so far it's easy enough to use & I'm happy with it. Here's what's not easy - deciding what to add to the registry! I absolutely did not expect this. I love presents, how can it be hard?

As I have previously mentioned, we're broke, so I've spent the last year or so imagining all the things I may be able to upgrade with wedding gifts. Yeah, I know, I know, it's not about the gifts & no one is expected to buy for us but let's face it - the gifts will come so you may as well tell the people what you want. I have thought about a set of pans that match & can go from cooktop to oven, a set of dishes that I don't hate with a passion, fabulous heavy silverware (again, that matches), high thread count sheets, big soft towels, an electric kettle, a stand mixer. Ya know, stuff you want but could live without & stuff you wouldn't buy for yourself (when you're broke).

It all seemed so easy. Put together a big ol' wish list & get stuff you want. Not so much. I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out what KIND of dishes & silverware I want. Plus, I'm a researcher. I start looking at stuff, find something I like but then need to look up the reviews & see what other people are saying about said product. Do you have any idea how much time this takes up? For fuck's sake, at this rate, I'll be lucky if I get this thing done before the wedding!

I'm begining to think the old fashioned way is better. Go to the store, see what you like, put it on your list. No way to research it, no one else's opinon, just do it. Ah, who am I kidding? I'd just research it before I went to the store.

The other problem I'm having is staying focused. I start looking at pans & before I know it I'm looking at a home steamer. Wait, wasn't I looking at pans? What happened to the pans? How'd this steamer become something I need? (BTW - the answer to that is I hate to iron. HATE it. So the steamer makes sense.) I'm really going to have to figure out how to focus. Aside from medication, the only thing I can think of is making a list.

Swell, another list & one more thing to do. When did figuring out what you want people to buy for you become so hard? Oh & I read that most brides don't register for enough. I seriously, never thought this would be a problem.


AmyJean said...

We did Bed Bath and Beyond. it was easy to go in and then change things online... in fact, that reminds me, i need to add some other stuff :)

Kristen said...

I did Macy's, BBBeyond and Crate and Barrel. IN my opinion, I would get dished that you like and silverware, this stuff will last you forever...and you use it everyday, you need to like it! Pots and pans would come next, think about the stuff that will use the most and start there!

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