Thursday, March 19, 2009
If anyone knows a good photographer in the LA/Orange County area that is willing to work with a small budget, please let me know. We have a friend that is awesome with the camera but I'd like a professional to capture the ceremony & formal portraits. We've had some luck with Craigslist & are in the process of setting up a few meetings but I thought I'd put the word out in the blogosphere & see what I get.

On the same note - what does everyone think about a videographer? I tend to think I will never look at a video of our wedding but maybe once. Maybe I'll just have a friend do the video. I just really don't think that is money well spent but if you guys have other input, let's here it!


megan marie said...

it depends on how small the budget is.. our photographer is jordana of hazelnut photography. her packages are very reasonable and start at $1500-ish. also, richelle dante is amazing and just starting to shoot weddings, she was offering great deals (under $1000, i think) a few months ago, you could contact her and see if she is still doing it. good luck!!

CheapAndEasy said...

Thanks Megan!

Liz C. said...

Yeah, the photographer is a little wonky, because that's the only thing you take away from the day. Megan has some great suggestions, and I just found out about some venues who work with photographers that charge around $1200-1500, I'll track them down for you because you might be able to cut a deal.

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