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Saturday, January 24, 2009
I have decided that until I choose the venue, I can't really do anything else. I mean, I CAN - I can look at dresses, make-up & hairstyles read more blogs, get more ideas but I feel like the style of the location could change some of the other aspects. And let's face it, I am seriously trying to avoid doing more work than necessary.

Since money is an issue, I know that my perfect vision of the venue may be unattainable but for now, I am holding on the the idea that it is still doable. Yesterday we looked at 2 places. The Oviatt Penthouse in downtown LA & Occasions in El Segundo.

First Occasions - this is located in El Segundo & from the exterior it looks average at best but the garden area is beautiful. For an outside ceremony, it really is surprisingly lovely especially at night.

Unfortunately in interior reception area doesn't do anything for me. It's not bad, it's just nothing special.
The upside - the tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens & servers are all included. You just need to meet the food & beverage minimum cost with quite a few menus & styles to choose from. They do not supply alcohol but their bartender will serve if you supply your own.

Occasions pricing:
Tues - Fri AM - 3000
Sat & Sun AM - 6000
Fri, Sat & Sun PM - 7500

There is also an $850 ceremony fee plus tax, service charge & tips.

Next is The Oviatt Penthouse - it is almost impossible to get the real feel of the Oviatt by looking at the photos. It was Mr. Oviatt's residence and his men's department store was downstairs. For anyone that loves architecture, it is amazing. The wall sconces, light fixtures & windows are all Lalique crystal. Yep, that's right, the windows are crystal. They are frosted & carved - simply beautiful. The woodwork is also beautiful.

This is the exterior patio area. Both the ceremony & reception are generally held outside.

This is the entryway. What you don't see is an amazing marble fireplace that would be behind the photographer.

This is the bar - fabulous, right?

The Bride's room

I absolutely love this place. It is perfect for that old Hollywood glamour feel that I want. My honey is not completely sold on it. He feels that it's a bit worn down which I guess it is as it is old. I can get over it but the reality is, I'm not so sure we can afford it anyway.

Oviatt pricing:
Saturday $5,500
Sunday $4,500
Friday $4,000

Those are the site fees only. The Oviatt has 2 catering options; Cicada Restaurant which occupies the old department store area downstairs or Truly Yours Catering. Truly Yours does provide tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens & servers with the price of their service.

It's just the beginning, isn't it?


e said...

I'm not sure if you picked a place yet but one of my best friends had her wedding at the Oviatt house and it was amazing just thought that might help you! good luck this is the hard part... !

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